Company Profile

GOE is a topside, underwater and marine service
and technology organization providing local, regional, national and
international services to a variety of Government Agencies, Offshore,
Coastal and Inland Industries, Utilities, Military, USACE, Construction,
Survey, Professional and Research Firms & Institutions.

GOE is a cutting edge technology firm utilizing
state-of-the-art underwater equipment enabling us to lead the
way in providing the most advanced and cost effective underwater services
in the industry. We proudly maintain a perfect safety record since company
 inception.  Our unique dynamic safety program developed
in-house is recognized industry-wide as a model of excellence.

GOE has built a prominent reputation for service
excellence and by bringing concept technology to our projects
in all environments from a shallow inland stream to deep ocean sites,
our esteemed management, technical and engineering teams brings
its vast pool of knowledge forged from over twenty five years
of company experience to every project.

GOE continues to lead the way in the rapidly
changing demands of today's underwater and marine
industry proudly serving each client through our expertise,
engineering, and advanced technology