New Modular Debris/Trash Rack Design.

 June 9, 2010. GOE Principal has filed for a Patent for it's new debris/trash rack design. After decades of working with existing rack designs and all their problems, The designed is a modular and scalable debris rack system to solve installation, maintenance, and inspection issues with current rack designs. The new design will reduce costs across the board for facility owners and managers. One example of this is with dams and access to their flow control components like gate disks, thrust nuts, and stem components which until now would typically require a significant effort of removal of the entire rack and often times burning off and reinstallation of the existing connecting hardware, The new design reduces access time to the above such components by 99%. Yes... 99%. A gate disk access project typically involving removal and reinstallation of the trash rack  normally taking five to eight days can now be done in less than 30 minutes!! 

Underwater Cable/Pipeline installation system:

 GOE receives patent for it's Scorpion Cable Installation System from the USPTO.

Scorpion CIS

Underwater Cable installation with:

  No Environmental Impact.
Bottom Disturbance.
  No Pollution.
  No No discharges or Toxins.
  No Jetting or Excavations.
  No Trenching.
  No Hazard to Navigation - Anytime.
  No Underwater Obstruction - Anytime.
Cable stress or damage.

2010 Green Technology Award

Field Proven.
Direct cable burial/in-conduit cable burial.
Point-to-point cable routing
Reduced cable lengths and material costs.
Exceptional install depths from 3' to 40'+.
Short span and long span installations.

Real-time precise as-installed drawings.
New and replacement installations.
Emergency installations in under 24hrs.!!
Cost effective, quick assembly, self recovery.

Approved By: ACOE, USCG, DEP, EPA, NOAA, DOT, Marine Fisheries.


GOE selects Alibre Design Expert for our mechanical 2D/3D solid modeling parametric CAD:

  After evaluation of several solid modeling programs such as Pro-E, Inventor, Solidworks, and Solid Edge, we selected Alibre
for its combination of engine power, capabilities, and price point. Realizing that not every software product does all things, Alibre is a powerful product and their talented staff is on the move to close the gaps with other high end surface modeling products. GOE selected Alibre for design of prototype diving equipment and systems.
The first task for Alibre will be the design of GOE's
Scorpion ROV open frame 1.5 meter size inspection / light work class ROV with tool sled
attachments, Sample drawings of Alibre's solid modeling capabilities are shown below.

GOE ranked #1
in technical reporting:

  GOE is raising the bar once again. Our clients across the board compare and describe our technical reports as: "superior", "more very sophisticated", "Amazing", and "wow" Our exceptional integrated technical reporting capabilities utilizes the latest technology. Compatibility is universal across all computer platforms.

GOE is now offering I-Project for web based
project monitoring. I-Project is a valuable service that gives our clients web based project monitoring including work summaries, high resolution photos, & video with integrated Windows Media Player, No doubt I-Project will continue to evolve.

GOE designs, fabricates, and installs new stem guides.

  GOE designs and installs new stem guides. There has been a significant need for replacement stem guides that are flexible in design in order to accommodate the varied as-built installation types. Some guides and wall brackets have to be cut off after installation because they were installed over top of the operating stem with not enough room to turn the brackets/guides along with other removal issues. GOE saw the need for an overall solution to high priced OEM replacement parts that cost even more to reinstall due to the need for partial disassembly of other components.
To respond to these issues we designed a corrosion proof stem guide and wall bracket made of marine grade aluminum alloy, 316 stainless hardware and zinc anode end caps.

Our wall bracket stem channel is deep allowing turning and installation of the wall bracket in very tight spaces, The wall bracket mounting slots are typically much longer than OEM allowing for greater side to side adjustment, stem guide mounting hardware slots are very long allowing for extended adjustability to the stem location, the stem guide
main stem slot is much longer and wider to accommodate multiple diameter stems in a wide range of positions from the mounting wall, but perhaps the best of all is the universal split stem guide which is machined to the exact same dimensions for all plates (top plate and the bottom plate in configuration shown) to reduce machining costs and greatly simplify installation. In many cases OEM guides have to be cut off to remove them. Our guides are very simply installed by placing the the first (bottom) horseshoe shaped stem guide slot through
the stem position and then place the
second plate (top) in the opposing direction. The guide plates are narrow in width enough to fit even in the tightest spaces between the mounting wall and backside of the stem. The opposing horseshoe plates locks the stem in place 360 degrees. Additional plates can be added if desired however
2 plates is more than enough. Another key feature of the guide plates are the tapered and fluted bushing/stem contact area. The tapered surface
is fluted so small debris can pass through without getting jammed between the stem and the guide
as well as reducing the friction during gate or valve operation Finally just center the plates and bolt down. Finished. The entire installation operation takes about 15 minutes.

GOE Partners with Sensera for Marine based Solar Camera System Distributorship.


 GOE has partnered exclusively with Sensera Systems as USA National product distributer for Marine applications. We are very exited with our new partnership to supply GOE clients with Wifi/ GSM Cellular stand-alone solar camera and security systems. This feature rich web based engine and platform requires no software installation, is simple to install and has exceptional
capabilities and superb engineering from the ground up.

GOE Plans on offering the camera systems to our clients with marine locations, facilities and equipment requiring security monitoring. GOE will also be using the camera systems in-house as a replacement to our existing solar camera system which is complicated and more difficult to install or move from site to site. The Sensera system will be
installed for both web based project monitoring  from any computer, tablet or smart phone. These installations will also serve as demo units for our national sales initiative.

Above are two custom made site monitoring cameras used on one of our projects. Other high end solar systems we have tested are inferior in several respects such as using communications hubs in addition to the camera, solar panel and omni-directional antenna. In this case the antenna must be within range and line-of-site to the hub which is often time not possible. The hub also uses a significant amount of power requiring either a hard wire A/C connection or a large solar panel and there are other issues as well.
Sensera has NONE of these issues. The Sensera hardware and software system is very nicely designed, well integrated, easily updated, rugged, well supported and user friendly. For us it was a simple choice.

GOE Joint Ventures with the Foresight Group for Underwater Anchor Installations and Product Distributership.


 GOE has partnered exclusively with Foresight Products, LLC. and Environmental Anchors as exclusive product distributer and underwater and marine installation services provider for the eastern seaboard, USVI and BVI region as well as internationally. The teams joint ventured on a recent highly successful emergency project for the Pennsylvania DCNR (pictured below) which solidified the commitment between GOE and the Foresight Anchor Group. Both teams worked extremely well together on the project and shortly after the project was completed, the full potential of the team's joint capabilities were realized. The overall commitment to service excellence is a core common thread of all concerned and the incorporation of GOE's patented Scorpion Underwater Installation equipment with the Foresight anchors is an absolute perfect fit reducing overall anchor installation time, reducing dive team bottom times, permitting deeper underwater installations, remotely guiding the anchors at any angle, enabling the use of the load-locking equipment away from the bottom materials eliminating frame burial during pull-back operations and gauge reading difficulties in soft silt bottom conditions and high turbidity conditions close to the bottom. After only a cursory analysis, it became clear that our two respective systems would fit together seamlessly like they were meant to work together from the start.

Both teams are very exited at the possibilities and extended capabilities of the new joint venture.

GOE expands its modular work platform capabilities:

  GOE expands its modular work platform capability by adding another 100 modules. Increasing platform module inventory allows us to mobilize multiple floating work platforms to more project sites simultaneously with a variety of configurations and capabilities for any given task.

Loaded on this platform configuration  is a 2,500lb. ladder, 2,200lb. welding machine, 1000lb tool box and 1,400lbs. of personnel and the platform is drafting under 2 inches!!  (top photo)

Another unique benefit to our modular work platform system is with work in reservoirs where fuel driven motors are not permitted. Since the platforms draft is so low it can be fully loaded and moved to and from the work location by an electric motor or even by hand!!

ARGO Avenger 8x8 for remote operations:

  Getting diving gear and other surface support equipment to remote sites can be a challenge so GOE invested in the most versatile amphibious machine mate - the ARGO. This amazing 8 wheel drive vehicle can transport up to 6 people and equipment ANYWHERE and can easily operate on water as well as on land. 5psi. tires are easy on the environment in all weather conditions. Attaching the full length 4 wheel trailer allows for transporting substantial amounts of equipment, and materials. At a top speed of 22mph, Its no race car but its torque is incredible. To date we have transported personnel and equipment up 60 degree inclines and it can easily pull tons of load. Where previous teams had to transition personnel and equipment from a car or truck to a boat, we can now do it all at the same time with one vehicle.  We spared no expense with its options such as outboard motor bracket, bilge pump, front brush guard, full length bottom skid pan, class 3 trailer hitch, custom ladder rack (shown) and remote operated recovery winch that can easily lift the entire vehicle vertically off the ground.

This machine will be a huge asset to GOE and our clients on a variety of projects for years to come.