Deep Water Services


Inspection Class ROV's to 10,000'
Work Class ROV's to 10,000'
Small & Micro. Class ROV's
Tracked and Wheel Crawlers
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
ADS Operations to 2000'
Bounce Operations to 600'
SAT Operations to 600'
Wet Bell Air Operations to 200'
Wet Bell Mixed Gas Ops. to 300'
Hydro-Electric Facilities
Utility Structures
Explosive Excavations
Explosive Demolition
Chemical Demolition
Foundation Installations
Instrumentation Installation
Pipe Laying & Maintenance
Submarine Cable Laying
Telecom & Utility Cable Burial
Pipeline Burial
Corrosion Control
Hydrographic Survey
Sub-Bottom Profiling
Pipeline Tracking
Leak Detection
Archaeological Support
Subsea Instrument Deployments
Probe & Sensor Installations
Subsea Monitoring Systems
Scientific Studies
Buoy Installation & Maintenance

Open/Wet Bell operations.

Oil & gas production facilities

ADS offshore oil & gas support.

Deep water floatation.

ROV surveys.

ROV Inspection and work class operations.

Custom cable handeling vessels.

Land based cable pulling winch truck.

GOE air support for rapid response.

Hydraulic power pack for cable tentioning.

Cable laying and Buoy maintenance.

Offshore wind turbine installation and maint.